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vastastikkus, mõlemapoolsus

1. The characteristic of being reciprocal, e.g. of a relationship between people.
In a friendship, reciprocity occurs where the contribution of each party meets the expectations of the other party.
3. A relation of mutual dependence or action or influence.
5. (international law) The mutual exchange of rights, privileges or obligations between nations. see: Wikipedia:Reciprocity (international relations).
6. (psychology) The responses of individuals to the actions of others.

ISO/IEC 17000:
seos kahe teineteise suhtes samade
õiguste ja kohustustega poole vahel,
on võimalik ka mitmepoolses kokkuleppes,
mis on kahepoolsete vastastikuste seoste võrk;
õigused ja kohustused on küll samad, kuid
neist võivad tuleneda erisugused võimalused,
mis viivad poolte ebavõrdsuseni
relationship between two parties, where both have the same rights and obligations towards each other
Note 1 to entry: Reciprocity can exist within a multilateral arrangement (9.9), comprising a network of bilateral reciprocal relationships.
Note 2 to entry: Although the rights and obligations of the parties are the same, opportunities emanating from them can differ. This can lead to unequal relationships between parties.