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measurement function


ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765 jt:
1. algoritm või arvutus
mitme alusnäitaja ühendamiseks
2. algoritm või arvutus
mitme kvaliteedinäitajaelemendi ühendamiseks

ISO/IEC Guide 99:
function of quantities, the value of which, when calculated using known quantity values for the input quantities in a measurement model, is a measured quantity value of the output quantity in the measurement model
Note 1 to entry: If a measurement model h (Y, X1, …, Xn) = 0 can explicitly be written as Y = f(X1, …, Xn), where Y is the output quantity in the measurement model, the function f is the measurement function. More generally, f may symbolize an algorithm, yielding for input quantity values x1, …, xna corresponding unique output quantity value y = f(x1, …, xn).
Note 2 to entry: A measurement function is also used to calcu­late the measurement uncertainty associated with the measured quantity value of Y.