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block (5)

blokeerima (1)


8. (transitive) to bar (someone undesirable) from connecting via telephone, instant messaging, etc., or from accessing an online account or service, or similar
I tried to send you a message, but you've blocked me!
The user who started the edit war was blocked for a day to cool off.
9. (transitive) to bar (a message or communication), or bar connection with (an online account or service, a designated telephone number, IP address, etc.)
They've blocked all calls to international numbers.
Most Internet services have been blocked.

vt ka
- blokk
- blokeerima (2)
- geoblokeerimine
- hüpikakende blokeerimine
- IP-blokeerimine, aadressiblokeerimine
- IP-blokker, aadressiblokker
- kirjutusblokker
- konto blokeerimine
- mürablokeering
- nõrk blokeering
- ohutusblokeering
- rakenduseblokker
- range blokeering
- reklaamiblokker
- SPF-blokeering