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block (2)

blokk (2)

blokeering; ummistus; sulg,
näiteks rühmasulg võrkpallis

6. something that prevents something from passing
Synonyms: barrier, blockage, obstruction
There's a block in the pipe that means the water can't get through.
6.1 interference or obstruction of cognitive processes
a mental block
writer's block
6.2 (sports) an action to interfere with the movement of an opposing player or of the object of play (ball, puck)
6.3 a temporary or permanent ban that prevents access to an online account or service, or connection to or from a designated telephone number, IP address, or similar
The Wiktionary page-blanking vandal was hit with an indefinite block.
I've put a block on calls from that number.


vt ka
- blokaton
- blokeerima (1)
- blokeerima (2)
- blokk (1)
- plokk
- geoblokeerimine
- hüpikakende blokeerimine
- IP-blokeerimine, aadressiblokeerimine
- IP-blokker, aadressiblokker
- kirjutusblokker
- konto blokeerimine
- mürablokeering
- nõrk blokeering
- ohutusblokeering
- rakenduseblokker
- range blokeering
- reklaamiblokker
- SPF-blokeering