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saateluba; nõustumine; liitumine

To choose to participate in something
The property of having to choose explicitly to join or permit something; a decision having the default option being exclusion or avoidance; used particularly with regard to mailing lists and advertising.
They set up an opt-in mailing list, so that those who wanted the notices could subscribe

kliendi või saadetisesaaja avaldatud
nõusolek saada kirja saatjalt
kaupa, teavet, perioodikat, uusi kirju
kuni saaja keeldumiseni


andmesubjekti nõusolek biomeetrilise hõivega

ISO/IEC 29100:
process or type of policy whereby the personally identifiable information (PII) principal is required to take an action to express explicit, prior consent for their PII to be processed for a particular purpose
Note 1 to entry: A different term that is often used with the privacy principle ‘consent and choice’ is “opt-out”. It describes a process or type of policy whereby the PII principal is required to take a separate action in order to withhold or withdraw consent, or oppose a specific type of processing. The use of an opt-out policy presumes that the PII controller has the right to process the PII in the intended way. This right can be implied by some action of the PII principal different from consent (e.g., placing an order in an online shop).

vt ka
- nõustumise eelistus
- saatekeeld