English Eesti

facility (1)

vahend (3); võime (3)

4 a (1): something that makes an action, operation, or course of conduct easier — usually used in plural
//facilities for study
//The resort has a wide range of facilities for young and old alike.

3. the physical means or contrivances to make something (especially a public service) possible; the required equipment, infrastructure, location etc.
//Transport facilities in Bangkok are not sufficient to prevent frequent traffic collapses during rush hour.

ISO 22300:
käitis, masinad, kinnisvara, hoone, veoüksused merel, maal, lennujaamas ning muud taristu või käitise ja kaasnevate süsteemide elemendid, millel on selge ja koguseliselt määratav teenuse tegevusfunktsioon;
tal võivad olla ametlikud piirid, mis on määratud näiteks õigusaktidega
plant, machinery, property, building, transportation units at sea/land/airport, and other items of infrastructure or plant and related systems that have a distinct and quantifiable business function of service
Note 1. A facility can have formal boundaries as defined by, for example, legislation.