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program (2)


(2a) programme
projekteerima, kirjutama, muutma ja testima
(2b) programmiga varustama,
programmjuhitavaks tegema
(2c) käitumist seadma

transitive verb
2: to work out a sequence of operations to be performed by (a mechanism, such as a computer) : to provide with a program
3a: to insert a program for (a particular action) into or as if into a mechanism (such as a computer)
4: to predetermine the thinking, behavior, or operations of as if by computer programming
// children are programmed into violence

vt ka
- multiprogrammeerimine
- naasmisprogrammeerimine
- programmeeritav klahv/nupp
- programmeeritav kontroller
- programmeeritav laivõrk
- programmeeritav ventiilimaatriks
- programmeeritav võrgustus
- püsiprogrammeeritud
- skelettprogrammeerimine