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secure cryptographic device

turvaline krüptovahend

ISO 11568:
vahend, mis pakub salajase teabe (näiteks krüptovõtmete)
turvalist talletust ja sellel teabel põhinevaid teenuseid
device that provides secure storage for secret information, such as keys, and provides security services based on this secret information

ISO 13491:
vahend, mis pakub füüsiliselt ja loogiliselt kaitstud
krüptograafilisi teenuseid ja talletust,
näiteks PIN-klahvik, füüsiline turvamoodul,
on integreeritav suuremasse süsteemi:
pangaautomaati, kassaterminali
device that provides physically and logically protected cryptographic services and storage (e.g. PIN entry device (PED) or HSM (3.23)), and which may be integrated into a larger system, such as an automated teller machine (ATM) or point of sale (POS) terminal