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strict conformance

range vastavus

ISO/IEC 15408, CC:
kaitseprofiili ja turvasihi vaheline hierarhiline seos:
kõik kaitseprofiilis olevad nõuded on olemas turvasihis
turvasihis peavad olema vähemalt
kõik kaitseprofiilis olevad määrangud;
range vastavuse kasutamist eeldatakse
rangete nõuete puhul, mida tuleb järgida ühelainsal viisil
hierarchical relationship between a protection profile (PP) and an security target (ST) where all the requirements in the PP also exist in the ST
Note. This relation can be roughly defined as “the ST shall contain all statements that are in the PP, but may contain more”. Strict conformance is expected to be used for stringent requirements that are to be adhered to in a single manner.

vt ka
- vastavus (1)
- vastavus (2)