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second-party conformity assessment activity

teise poole vastavushindamistegevus

ISO/IEC 17000:
objekti vastu kasutajahuvi tundva
isiku või organisatsiooni sooritatav
vastavuse hindamise tegevus;
kasutajahuvi võib olla näiteks
- saaduste soetajal
- saaduste kasutajal
- tarnija haldussüsteemi eelistaval potentsiaalsel kliendil
esimene, teine ja kolmas pool
vastavushindamise tegevustes
ei tähenda juriidilisi lepingupooli
conformity assessment activity that is performed by a person or organization that has a user interest in the object of conformity assessment
Note 1. The first-, second- and third-party descriptors used to characterize conformity assessment activities in relation to a given object are not to be confused with the legal identification of the relevant parties to a contract.
EXAMPLE: Persons or organizations performing second-party conformity assessment activities include, for example, purchasers or users of products, or potential customers seeking to rely on a supplier's management system, or organizations representing those interests. Examples of organizations representing user interest include consumer advocacy organizations, regulators implementing legislation governing products and services for the protection of consumer and public interests, centralized government procurement organizations and private sector purchasing agents.
Note 2. If an activity is performed by an external body acting on behalf of and controlled by a person or organization with a user interest, the activity is still called a second-party conformity assessment activity (e.g. supply chain audits conducted by an external body on behalf of the purchaser).

vt ka
- esimese poole vastavushindamistegevus
- kolmanda poole vastavushindamistegevus
- vastavus (1)
- vastavus (2)