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space (1)


(1a) üldises (mitte hooneosa) tähenduses:
- aegruumi komponendina või
- midagi mahutava alana, näiteks mäluruum
2.2 physical extent across two or three dimensions; area, volume (sometimes for or to do something)
2.3 physical extent in all directions, seen as an attribute of the universe (now usually considered as a part of space-time), or a mathematical model of this
3.1 a (chiefly empty) area or volume with set limits or boundaries.

(1b) elementide kõiki valikuid sisaldav hulk, näiteks
- aadressiruum
- nimeruum
- uskumusruum
- valimruum
- võtmeruum
= the complete set of options

(1c) matemaatikas, sealhulgas
- afiinne ruum
- Banachi ruum
- eukleidiline ruum
- Hilberti ruum
- meetriline ruum
- mõõduruum
- normeeritud ruum
- skalaarkorrutisruum
- sulundiruum
- topoloogiline ruum
- tõenäosusruum
- vektorruum
7. (countable, mathematics) a generalized construct or set whose members have some property in common; typically there will be a geometric metaphor allowing these members to be viewed as "points"
Often used with a restricting modifier describing the members (e.g. vector space), or indicating the inventor of the construct (e.g. Hilbert space).
Functional analysis is best approached through a sound knowledge of Hilbert space theory.