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atomic (1)

atomaarne; jagamatu

4. unable to be split or made any smaller
A bit is an atomic item of data.
4.1. (programming, of a commit in a VCS) containing a single change, as opposed to involving numerous unrelated changes
4.2. (logic, of a proposition) lacking logical operators; unable to be made simpler in logical form
5. (computing, of an operation) guaranteed to complete either fully or not at all while waiting in a pause, and running synchronously when called by multiple asynchronous threads
In order to avoid race conditions, this operation has to be atomic.
Whenever possible, use atomic types instead of mutexes.

ISO/IEC 27041:
ühtainsat ülesannet täitev:
- meetod kõigi kustutamata failide taasteks seadmelt saab olla atomaarne ainult siis, kui ta toetub ainult failisüsteemi metaandmete kasutamisele
- kõigi kustutatud failide taaste meetod ei ole tõenäoliselt atomaarne, sest nõuab alammeetodeid failistruktuuride tuvastuseks ja ekstraktimiseks andmete hulgast faili sisu (.jpg, .png, .odt, XML vm) teadmise põhjal
performing a single function only
Note. A method for recovery of all live files from a device can be atomic if it relies solely on the use of filesystem meta-data. A method for recovery of all deleted files is unlikely to be atomic as it will require sub-methods which identify and extract particular file structures from the data on the storage device based on knowledge of file contents (e.g. .jpg, .png, .odt, XML, etc.).

vt ka
- atomaarsus