English Eesti


katse (1); püüe, püüd; üritus

1. the action of trying at something
We made an attempt to cross the stream, but didn't manage.
This poem is much better than the feeble attempt of mine.
It was worth the attempt.
No matter how many failed attempts we made, we maintained a positive attitude and tried again and again until we succeeded.
2. an assault or attack, especially an assassination attempt

attempt at extortion -- väljapressimiskatse
attempted -- nurjunud
attempted crime -- kuriteokatse
attempted murder -- tapmiskatse
attempted offense -- süüteokatse
attempt of reconciliation -- lepituskatse
attempt on life -- atentaat
attempt the impossible -- võimatut üritama
call attempt -- helistuskatse
coup d'etat attempt -- riigipöördekatse
idle attempt -- asjatu katse
vain attempt -- asjatu katse

vt ka
- aktiivpettekatse
- aktsepteeritav biomeetriahõivekatse
- hõivekatse
- katse (2)
- kontrollikatse
- passiivpettekatse
- pääsukatse
- võrdluskatse