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aspect (1)

aspekt (1)

(1a) külg; tahk
(1b) seisukoht; vaatekoht
(1c) programmi paljude osadega seotud,
kuid mitte esmane erijoon
(1d) lauses väljenduv suhe
olukorra kulgemise ja vaatepunkti vahel
... jt

1. any specific feature, part, or element of something
Synonym: facet
Japan's aging population is an important aspect of its economy.
2. the way something appears when viewed from a certain direction or perspective
3. the way something appears when considered from a certain point of view
4. a phase or a partial, but significant view or description of something
6. position or situation with regard to seeing; that position which enables one to look in a particular direction; position in relation to the points of the compass
The house has a southern aspect, i.e. a position which faces the south.
7. prospect; outlook
8. (grammar) a grammatical quality of a verb which determines the relationship of the speaker to the internal temporal flow of the event which the verb describes, or whether the speaker views the event from outside as a whole, or from within as it is unfolding
13. (programming) in aspect-oriented programming, a feature or component that can be applied to parts of a program independent of any inheritance hierarchy

ISO 10209,
(i) dokumendihalduses:
süsteemi või ta objekti spetsiifiline
kirjeldamise või ta kohta teabe valimise viis
= specific way of selecting information on, or describing, a system or an object of a system
(ii) tehnosüsteemides:
spetsiifiline objekti käsitluse viis:
- mida süsteem või objekt teeb (funktsiooniaspekt)
- kuidas süsteem või objekt ehitatakse (tooteaspekt)
- kus süsteem või objekt asub (asukohaaspekt)
= specific way of viewing an object
Note. Such ways include:
— what the system or object is doing (function viewpoint);
— how the system or object is constructed (product viewpoint);
— where the system or object is located (location viewpoint).

vt ka
- aspekt (2)
- aspekt (3)